Mention Alburquerque and the city in New Mexico, USA will probably come to mind
Spanish adventurers, and los conquistadores, took their villages names round the world
Most are found in Latin America but many also in the USA
Settlements quickly outgrew the villages in the Old Country
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Santiago the capital of Chile and a Galician city of pilgrimage
Medellín the Columbian city of cocaine and the village of Hernán Cortés in Extremadura
Unsurprisingly, because of the conquistadors, many names originate from Extremadura, though the rest of Spain is adequately represented: Córdoba, Santiago, Mérida, Trujillo, Albuquerque, Medellín, Santa Fe and Las Cruces in New Mexico

Often they occur more than once
Las Cruces appears in the USA, Chile and Guatemala
Whilst Santiago de Cuba has distinguished itself from its more illustrious neighbour in Chile
Itself not exactly undeveloped with over half a million inhabitants, the second largest in Cuba

Do these villages of Spain have affection towards their grown-up siblings; at times strapping and with a worldly knowledge far past that of their parents
Is their filial devotion towards Hispania

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Santiago has the greatest disparity; the capital of Chile has over eight million inhabitants in the metropolitan conurbation
But Medellín is perhaps the most divergent where both have long since made their different way in the world

The difference less statistical, more the psyche of the two places
Once known as the most violent city in the world with Pablo Escobar the most notorious protagonist
The village in Extremadura has a population a few hundred more than two thousand and probably the lowest homicide rate in the world

Interestingly, and not often, Albuquerque in New Mexico has altered its name from Alburquerque, in Extremadura

And whilst the capital city of the American state has grown exponentially, it’s patriarch, the border town between Spain and Portugal, is feeling its age
But with a little persistence Alburquerque offers a lot
Topography equal to Feria: castle, church, Jewish quarter and old city

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And like all Iberian border towns the towering castle is impressive
It seems the alburquerqueños were well equipped to defend themselves when Iberia was a less benign country
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