Dolores my neighbour had been more diplomatic but that wasn’t José‘s manner; he reprimanded me
zócalos in Feria are always a colour white is impractical everyone has a color you always have to be different!
I pointed out that many houses in the village are all white but José had turned his shoulders and was striding down the slope of Calle Castillo towards a conjunction of three white painted house


True, painted a colour, the zócalo hides dirt
The houses of Extremadura, unlike the white pueblos of Andalucía, nearly all have colored zócalos
My zócalo, like the house, is white; maybe I wanted to live in a white pueblo, but no, I agreed with my father


When visiting Feria he’d castigated the coritos* for painting their zócalos
If all the houses were white it would be more cohesive and look more attractive, he’d said quite upset as only a former graphic designer could be at a lack of perceived taste


Before deciding on white I’d asked the Ayuntamiento about the permissible colours
anything of a light shade, they said
Yes, but I’ve seen maroon, forest green and vandyke brown, not forgetting Spanish blue, euphemistically a deep battleship grey
Well yes they’re permissible too… but not granite


I was impressed that Feria a working village with no grandeur would stipulate that there was no place for pretensions and the use of an extravagant material like granite

*   men and women from the village of Feria, Badajoz
photography and text by Tim Harris
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