I’m in Mumbai for three months and living in West Bandra, the Bollywood district
The trendiest if not the most exclusive
A maid does my laundry, washing-up and cleans the flat

I try not to be lazy at the weekend, when she isn’t here, but inevitably the dishes pile-up and the laundry basket fills
It’s a unique and strange experience having a servant
But although I feel uneasy with the concept, I get increasingly comfortable with the reality

1The British are a nation of shopkeepers, but it seems the Indians are as well
The food artfully displayed
The tacky bracelets, slippers and T-shirts may not have an intrinsic quality but they too en masse are impressive

It’s easy to be deceived by the abundance of merchandise, but once home, without the many other trinkets and baubles it fails to impress


Mumbai is for most parts squalid having a problem coping with the influx of rural people to the megapolis
Many live on the street under tarpaulins strung over the pavement
Although there are striking differences in the city there is familiarity too: the coffee shops, service stations, bars and the designer malls


You can go to the local service station and buy a liter of semi-skimmed pasteurized cows milk, or you can take your stainless steel container down to the cow in the street, who travels around the neighborhood every morning
Here she dispenses milk from her voluminous udders that seem to have an endless supply of non-pasteurized milk
This is no Jersey; she is quite a breed apart with withers that defy explanation

photography and text by Tim Harris


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