Stones of Mumbai

Soiled clothes are discarded against the ornate iron railings of the impressive General Post Office
Wrought corkscrews, cast finials and gilded leaves
A septic wound slides from beneath a vest as its torso flexes in pain
Ignorant of a fading life nearby, early morning traffic continues along Walchand Hirachand Marg

An injury festering from neglect worsening in the heat and humidity despite the presence of St George Hospital behind the busy highway

The Stones of Mumbai commonly stand as a proud backdrop to city life but passive and indifferent to suffering

The patchwork of blue plastic tarpaulins create appealing patterns slung over pavements, tied roadside to pedestrian barriers

Beneath them:living rooms, bedrooms, toilets and kitchens
Homeless play-out their lives between concrete pavers and plastic to a passing city
Dignity is forgotten quickly, expedient to survival


Families take advantage of flyovers to improvise a roof over their possessions as traffic passes to the side of their beds, showers, dining tables and cooking pots
The children sent between vehicles protected with endearing smiles, dirty faces and clothes, tapping with open palms on windows for a few rupees


Lorries the leviathans of the road: girders, grease and spinning transmissions often kill those living by the road as they force their way through the city
Drivers on plush seats gliding above their own destruction
Life has no value when death can conveniently control Mumbai’s unsustainable population

photography and text by Tim Harris



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