On their way to the Devatas

Communities that live in traditional housing mix with glass-skinned towers pushing through the ground on their way to the Hindu Devatas
They posses a breathtaking bravura
Air conditioning, elevators, fire alarms and sprinkler systems systems all twist upwards in a contortion of complexity
Starting in bottomless pits cut by oversized earth-movers; above ground they move incessantly one floor above another


Victorian tenements worn through years of use: patinated wood, paint and brass
Concrete slabs, distorted by perspective, lean closely against each other
Adobe and galvanised roofed huts, with the smell of jasmine and soap weaving around them
And hovels taking advantage of abandoned spaces and unused land along the tracks at Elphinstone Road


A path is compressed between two lines of housing, so close I need to turn my shoulders to pass through to a distant courtyard
It’s full of gossip, work and play with a backdrop of fuchsia, turquoise, yellow and aqua painted mud

L11406846 7

A child picks her nose as her mother passes me a glass of water
The woman gather around me chatting animatedly in Hindi as their boys return in impeccable school uniform
Life seems perfectly normal in the jhuggis with little more than unflagging aspiration and optimism to keep them going

photography and text by Tim Harris
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