That understanding of loss and accompanying grief can be expressed through creativity is a testament to the fortitude of the human spirit

New York’s memorial is breathtaking and overpowering
But Madrid remembers its dead quietly
Estudio FAM have created a memorial of gossamer-like delicacy for a subject that weighs heavy

The Madrid bombings, by Al Queda, in 2004, killed or injured nearly two thousand people on trains travelling into Atocha, Madrid

The memorial’s spacial distribution is matched by its technical invention
Shock waves in the glazing bring home the physical reality of a bombing
Whilst the focal point of the memorial floats on pressurised air above an underground chamber


The names of the dead are written on a membrane suspended between the world above and their interment below
Asking that they’re not forgotten
The chamber is a concourse level shop, where the dead passed every day

The simplicity says something about the prosaicness of commuting
Whilst the presence of the memorial tells us that nonetheless we are all at the front line of terrorism

Against the grandiosity of Atocha Station the simplicity has a clarity that attracts commuters, who every day file past in their thousands, and allows a quiet moment of reflection

photography and text by Tim Harris

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