Yes had a clear lead, though No had the momentum
Scotland a week before the independence referendum was divided
Dumfries & Galloway is quintessential Border country; more English than Cumbria its English neighbour over the Solway Firth

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Predictably the region voted No; quite emphatically
And of all the market towns in Dumfries & Galloway, Kircudbright is the most anglophile

The Spanish would have difficulty with Kircudbright; pronounced kirr-koo-bree
It confirms the irregular pronunciation of English but lends further charm to a town that has enough already

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I returned to Spain with a Yes flyer to tape to my window
Though a long way from the independence politics of the United Kingdom, Spain has its own issues of independence in Cataluña
Understandably the Scottish referendum ruffled the catalanes feathers
Artur Mas declared that Cataluña would also have a referendum unsanctioned by government

I’d never thought of the United Kingdom as anything less than a single country
Though the antagonism, and sometimes violence, between England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland couldn’t be ignored
Now everyone was thinking about the enormity of the change if Scotland voted Yes
Small things required more of a cerebral shift: would a passport be needed at the border, would sterling need to be exchanged for euros and our reduced sporting prowess


Some weeks earlier the long wait (since Fred Perry in 1936) for a Wimbledon Champion was over
Andy Murray had won the Mens Open Singles title after the annual summer anguish and futile support for previous British number ones
Failure at the Mens Open Singles title was second only to failure at the football World Cup; rated by the affliction of psychological pain
Now we were basking in satisfaction, having a Wimbledon Champion who didn’t wear long trousers or have a wooden racquet

Given a Yes vote, the coming week, this would be cruelly snatched away
It was unthinkable


photography and text by Tim Harris
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