Indian progress

The glass towers alongside N M Joshi Marg, that thunders towards South Mumbai, reject Indian tradition
Pompous, placeless, voracious, they tread over the heritage of local communities
Behind security walls and gates, they’re lifeless, without colour or purpose
Their business hidden behind mirrored glass

Across the road a traditional colony has two lines of housing, strutting chickens, children playing in dust: poor, happy, friendly, colourful and vibrant
It’s wash-day and a pervasive smell of detergent from bright plastic buckets of scrubbed clothing hangs pleasantly in the air


The towers of the financial district are the new India; the community a reminder of virtues, at times within a demanding life, that could be lost

Midday is hot and humid and life continues unexceptionally until a small girl sees me behind aluminium water barrels
She laughs, turns and runs excitedly into the shaded passageway between a lilac and aqua building

Children arriving quickly generously wanting their photograph taken
Before long it seems the whole community is competing for my attention


Caste and capitalism are antithetical but equally divisive
Community needs to reject caste and capitalism must embrace responsibility
If not the two will diverge rapidly and fracture a fragile people

photography and text by Tim Harris


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