A hundred rupees!

Chor Bazaar has as much junk as an bargain hunter could hope for though the authenticity is questionable
They could be genuine or they may be fake
Many times I was with a dealer who said ‘I can see your a man who understands these things and can determine what is real and what is not’
‘Yes, of course, this is real!’ I reply, ‘well no, it’s fake I know you can see the over stylisation and elongation of Parvati’s hands’
‘Ah!… yes’
Though I couldn’t see any difference and I think very few artifacts were genuine
I’d always buy what I liked and not worry if it was real

After walking around the Chor Bazaar for some hours I thought I’d pick my way through heavy but slow moving traffic and have a look at the meat market in Null Bazaar


I’ve quickly learnt no matter how fast a car is going or how directly it comes towards you: you must walk confidently out into the road

Don’t change speed or direction no matter if you sense Death is at your shoulder
Tuk-tuks, hard-sprung taxis and pumped-up 4x4s will all glide round you like dancers from the corps de ballet
There are exceptions: one or two will drive at you with a psychotic intensity but you quickly sense who they are and move quickly forgetting about the loss of dignity rather than your life

And so, Null Bazaar at the end of the day was like a Heironymus Bosch painting: a dark cavern of discarded flesh, blood and assorted animal parts where the flies from Mumbai seemed to have arrived
Carcasses of chicken, goat and mutton  long sold

Amongst all this were two delightful girls, full of life, playfully shy but happy to have their pictures taken… for a hundred rupees

photography and text by Tim Harris
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