On the way to Jerusalem

Working in Doha I travelled around the Middle East
People said your lucky to have such an interesting job
The standard answer was: it’s really tiring; you have no time for yourself; all you see are airport lounges and hotel rooms
All true but it was very interesting

I never grew tired of traveling
But there was one journey that meant more than the others
We were working for a bank in Palestine
I had to go to Ramallah which is about ten kilometers from Jerusalem
My feelings about Israel were formed from my childhood Sunday school and I realized they had not left despite the explosive situation that had developed in the intervening years

L1050393The complex logistics of getting to Ramallah had been worked out
The Israeli – Palestinian impasse necessitates flying to Amman, driving to the Jordanian border, being taken across the Allenby Bridge over the River Jordan, and finally taking a taxi to Ramallah

Amman was an overnight stop-over and I had the afternoon and evening free; so here I was in a taxi from my hotel, to the centre of the city
I didn’t have great expectation


But Amman seemed like no other capital in the region by exception of its undulating topography and houses hugging the convulsive folds
Standing at The Citadel, the highest point the city, the hills were one behind the other as far as I could see, covered with little cement coloured blocks stacked-up on top of each other
Every so often the consistency was broken by someone who’d painted the cement, fitted a satellite dish or simply hung their washing to dry

photography and text by Tim Harris

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